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Corporate Office
1420 East Linden Ave.
Linden NJ 07036
908 912 2700 x239

Trenton Plant
198 Reservoir Street
Trenton, NJ

Irvington Plant
491 Lyons Avenue
Irvington, NJ

Brooklyn Plant
1055 63rd Street
Brooklyn, NY

Customer Owned Goods Processing

In addition to our Linen Rental Program, Clean Tex also provides processing services for customer owned goods. Your goods are identified and weighed in per location as soiled linen and, once processed, weighed out as clean to verify that all your goods are properly returned to you. The wash and finishing process is followed through the entire production cycle to track and control all your merchandise through our system. Individual pieces are recorded and manifested per delivery corresponding to the delivered weight report to again verify the integrity and accuracy of each delivery.

The integrity and design of our COG program allows us to guarantee that your linen items will be processed separately, providing for lot integrity and ensuring that your linens are properly returned to your facility.

Specialty items are set up on a net bag system for pickup and delivery and processed in our Specialty Department. This allows us to offer special cleaning methods for individually tracked items as needed. Specific days are allocated for our specialty item program as an added benefit.