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Control Costs with our Linen Management Program

Our trained account managers and service directors work directly with your facility to minimize costs while maximizing efficiencies. Our program analyzes pieces-utilized-per-patient-day on all linen items, proper inventory controls, and the management and distribution of goods to each individual unit and user area.

This program is monitored regularly to allow for efficient inventory, distribution and tracking systems. Our staff is trained to control overall utilization by concentrating on individual user areas as well as your facility as a whole. Linen utilization analyses are submitted based on census and/or patient day statistics to benchmark your utilization in an effort to reduce overall costs. Monitoring of your facility is dynamic and recommendations to adjust inventories and usage are always based on your current need.

EXECUTIVE REPORTS detailing the analysis of these usage figures are produced by us for review by both Clean Tex and your team to highlight relevant information and what follow up if any is required to sustain the Linen Management Program. These summary reports detail itemized linen usage with recommended areas of concentration to help maintain the lowest cost possible while ensuring that all linen pars are accurate and meeting the needs of your facility. Benchmarking to similar facilities is provided to designate possible areas of cost improvement in terms of linen utilization.

LINEN COMMITTEES, consisting of both Clean Tex and your facility's representatives, meet on a regularly scheduled basis to ensure that all financial requirements are maintained and that there is total client satisfaction in terms of product and service quality.