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Quality Assurance is Our Promise to You

Clean Tex offers the highest quality of linens and service programs available to our industry.

We only use select suppliers that guarantee the quality of the products we purchase from them. We then clean and maintain them with our own state-of-the-art processing techniques. Finally, our management team is committed to providing the highest level of service available at the most cost effective price.

Ultimately, our Quality Assurance Program is unique to you and your specific needs. Rather than some generic promise of good products and services, we want to be sure that what we deliver to you meets your needs, your staff's needs, your resident's needs and your bottom line.

Linens are inspected each time they are processed to ensure that they meet the quality requirements of your facility. Every one of our employees understands the acceptable standards for our products and services. Each production station has quality control procedures in place to deliver a bed-ready product to you.

Any linen that does not meet the quality standards set forth will be identified and placed in the designated area to either be reprocessed or removed from our system. Rewash and reject rates are monitored so our management team can identify areas of production that may require attention. If any customer-owned items do not meet our standards even after a rewash, they will be identified and flagged before returning them to your facility.

Every item is inspected by our expert staff.