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Proper Utilization Stops Wasted Resources

We tailor our programs to meet the needs of your specific organization. Our Linen conservation initiatives revolve around proper-utilization-per-linen-item relative to your census and/or patient days.

Once we determine your optimum inventory and distribution, we provide comprehensive guidance on inventories and proper product application directly to your end users. These usage initiatives are designed to ensure that all areas have sufficient amounts of linen items while reducing any hoarding and misuse of merchandise in your system, leading to an efficient and cost effective linen program.

Our team will also make recommendations to denote where linen items may be interchangeable to provide the level of service required at the lowest possible cost. Our experience has proven there are many alternatives in bed make-up and distribution procedures that will help monitor and control overall linen utilization.

Our goal is to always provide proper amounts of each linen item to all areas of your facility and to manage this process to ensure the needs of your staff are met while staying within the financial requirements of your organization.